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Auto Telecom Corporation manufactures and distributes the Hybrex range through its own outlets and associated distributors in 53 countries worldwide, some under the Hybrex and Transtel brands and others as OEM equipment.

The Hybrex product brand has been continuously represented in Australia since 1989 when the Key Telephone system market was deregulated allowing other brands to compete with the incumbent Telecom “Commander” range of telephone systems.

In 1997 Auto Telecom Australia was formed to directly market Auto Telecom’s products in Australia and to provide product development and support for customers in Australia and other English speaking markets. Auto Telecom manufactures a full range of telephone systems from 4 lines / 8 extensions to 240 lines / 640 extensions, VoIP equipment, voice mail, and other associated products which are distributed and supported by an Australia wide dealer network.

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Transtel Lynx II

The Small, Flexible and Talented TransTel Lynx is the most powerful phone system in its class. It delivers virtually all of the advanced features expected from a larger system; enabling even the smallest business to access advanced telecommunication tools thus giving a competitive business advantage.

User friendly and affordable – the TransTel Lynx comes pre-programmed with simple ‘plug and play’ functionality. Simply unpack the system and connect to your phone lines Pre-configured for your convenience with 3 outside (CO) Lines, 8 Digital Extensions complete with LCD Hands free phones, optional 2 x Single Line Extension ports, Full Feature Voice Mail for taking messages.

The standard TransTel Lynx capability can also be further expanded with the ability to connect to the NBN network for the connection of 4 x VoIP Lines with full DDI number capability *

Hybrex G1E – GDS system

The technical name for this Hybrex model is G1E Plus M (G1E+M) but it is better described as the G1E-GDS. Being based on the G1E Plus hardware platform it forms a natural upgrade path for G1E Plus owners but because of its considerable inherent advantages it is often a system choice made at the outset. The inclusion of the G1E-MPU Master Processor Unit transforms the program feature set of the base G1E Plus into that of the Hybrex flagship range – the GDS. This additional power base also enables system hardware expansion options such as multicabinet arrays, SIP extension support, and additional SIP trunk channel capacity per cabinet. The extra support for our IP hardware options also results in a substantial increase in maximum port capacities per cabinet. A marked point of note is that the MPU inclusion also brings an Ethernet LAN port providing support for Web based system programming and CTI, transforming the humble G1E Plus base platform into a fully Internet, or Intranet, connected system by rounding out the IP options to make this a truly versatile business telephony asset.

Hybrex G1E Plus

The G1E Plus system is the natural successor to the popular G1E which it now supercedes. As the name implies, the new G1E “Plus” system offers additional hardware and feature options. The result is that the G1E Plus in it’s basic form can satisfy all the needs of a basic phone system for home, SOHO, or small business. Should the basic system become inadequate the G1E Plus can be expanded as your business needs grow with additional trunk and/or extension interface modules to a total of 40 ports in the one cabinet. The basic system can be supplied with your choice of trunk interface – either PSTN, ISDN BRI, or SIP Trunks (VoIP), with the expansion option of another trunk module to a total of 12 trunks max – depending in interface type. Advanced business features such as Indial number range support are available on ISDN and SIP trunks (carrier dependent). The basic extension capacity is 8 digital, and 4 analogue phone ports. This can be expanded with additional 8 port extension modules – of either type – to a maximum of 28 extensions. All Hybrex digital handsets are supported. The basic system has a 4 channel onboard Auto Attendant (AA) facility. But these voice services can be expanded with the addition of a G1E-VMU voice mail module – which extends AA channels to 6 and then includes 4 channels of Voice mail with 8 hour voice recording depth.


Hybrex GDS – The Extensible Communications System

Hybrex GDS (Global Digital System) is a feature-rich platform that meets existing telecommunication requirements and extends capability to future-proof migration solutions. The system provides the options of external interfaces to PSTN, ISDN (BRI, PRI), E1/T1, DID, E&M, VoIP and GSM trunk channels, along with feature-packed digital keyphones, IP telephones, and traditional analog and wireless-handsets. This combination of options offers the security of proven communications channels alongside the economy and facility extension of the newer IP technologies integrated into the one communications system. In so doing you can enjoy the comfort of keeping your business online 24/7 whatever network conditions exist. Integrating with many applications and programs the GDS system is a diverse and advanced communication platform with a versatility permitting it to adapt with Internet-enabled technology for voice, data and security applications as they develop. This integrated IP-based capability protects your investment and ensures a wide range of options for expanding your information and communication infrastructure as your business grows.

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