The G1E Plus system is the natural successor to the popular G1E which it now supercedes. As the name implies, the new G1E “Plus” system offers additional hardware and feature options. The result is that the G1E Plus in it’s basic form can satisfy all the needs of a basic phone system for home, SOHO, or small business. Should the basic system become inadequate the G1E Plus can be expanded as your business needs grow with additional trunk and/or extension interface modules to a total of 40 ports in the one cabinet. The basic system can be supplied with your choice of trunk interface – either PSTN, ISDN BRI, or SIP Trunks (VoIP), with the expansion option of another trunk module to a total of 12 trunks max – depending in interface type. Advanced business features such as Indial number range support are available on ISDN and SIP trunks (carrier dependent). The basic extension capacity is 8 digital, and 4 analogue phone ports. This can be expanded with additional 8 port extension modules – of either type – to a maximum of 28 extensions. All Hybrex digital handsets are supported.
The basic system has a 4 channel onboard Auto Attendant (AA) facility. But these voice services can be expanded with the addition of a G1E-VMU voice mail module – which extends AA channels to 6 and then includes 4 channels of Voice mail with 8 hour voice recording depth.

The story doesn’t end there though as the G1E Plus base chassis can be transformed into a system with the full GDS feature set with the addition of the Master Processor Unit (MPU) option. This then becomes a G1E-GDS (G1E+M). A considerable advantage of this form is the addition of LAN connectivity – allowing access to the power of the GDS Web browser interface. This opens up options such as user extension programming control, ease of service & technical support including remote system support and backups saving on service callout fees, CTI, and more. In terms of hardware options there are additions such as a multi-cabinet expansion option, IP extension module support, and higher port capacities for IP ports. The above combinations, with the power of GDS functionality, offer an extremely economical all stops out business telephone system.

G1E Plus Base Configuration:

The G1E Plus base hardware configuration supports :

  • Choice of trunk configuration on order – either :
    • 4 PSTN lines (with Caller ID suppport integrated) – or
    • 3 ISDN BRI ports (6 lines) – or
    • 4 SIP (VoIP) Lines.
  • 8 Digital Keyphone ports, plus 4 Analogue phone ports.
  • Analogue phone ports support :
    • Caller ID to extension phones.
    • Standard 90V Message Wait signal.

Standard and Special Features integrated onboard include :

  • 4 port Auto Attendant (AA) with :
    2 minute MOH memory,
    3 x 1 minute AA messages memory,
    3 x 20 sec ACD messages memory.
  • 2 minute MOH message is User Recordable for built in advertising.
  • External MOH and/or BGM inputs via analogue port, or 3.5mm jack input.
  • Caller ID (where available) right throughout system.
  • Integrated Ring Generator for analogue ports.
  • Sensor in and Relay out for various programmable uses.
  • RS232 interface for CTI and other uses.

System Features